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the king in love ending

by on oktober 24, 2020

Choo Soo Hyun as Ok Boo Yong The cute Dan will be the queen and Rin will be King’s right hand !!!! But it was not all because of Won’s mistake. Won try hard to protect Rin but Rin betray him. I want to see the crown prince happy. Can’t wait for next episode. So loving this….Don’t care about the rating….I just love the leads. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; After going through the Obelisk together, they end up in a different time or different worlds. I don’t care about who is in her heart. Please view from the good side. Why Rin didn’t show up infront of the CP? If anybody still cant understand that try to watch again from the start, and look at the way San looking at Rin. * Won did anything to protect Rin and his family by choose Wang Dan to be his wife. He is betraying his friend and not trust his friend either. But he never did. Why u kiss her? What??? He is a kind man. good luck! He never tries to push his feeling on her, just stand a step back, and let her feel his wamrh love for her. Lin never want to explain everything he know. And than San came up so they fight each other. #145 Leah I agree. I think that too. @sathish: i don’t know where you are, or how you used to watch it, but you can watch it online. I ussually watch kdrama in dramacool but recently the website cannot be opened, what else beside dramacool / gooddrama / dramacrazy / viki? Tae Eul wakes up on the ground in the bamboo forest, with her gun in one hand and blood on her jacket. I tried hard not to peek on the preview of the latest episodes. Eunsan got punishment from the queen cause she and her family lying and she have to leave, OMG, Won choose Dan to be his wife !!!! * when he want San to stay by his side, he ask her politely by sending her a letter. Maybe viewers don’t really notice her pain as she always put a big smile on her face and try to be positive on a lot of things. When Won hug her on the bridge is the sweetest moment until ep 32. I believe that Won will be a great king and Dan will be the queen. She always make Won promise to agree with her request but she never accept for his request. It seems as if rin was the male lead. How can people hate a person like HJH?? It was nice song and good voice of Im siwan. js.src = "//"; I prefer that kind of love than Won’s. Love to see Won San together__It will be more interesting if San’s heart goes to Won__the drama didn’t good enough if San love Rin_cause Won love San first and he take care of her anytime. When I know Rin kiss San, it is mean that Rin not a good friend. Amazed by Hong Jong Hyun’s acting skill. What happen to Eun san? Many variety shows reveal his true personality, laid back, shy and delicate. It makes the people like him more than Rin. Which one of them will be the crown princess?? Rin’s brother was involved in the plot that had her mother killed. That was I learn from this drama, Who is lying? } It’s funny how people want San to love Won just because he’s lonely and needs some love. When I watch it I think its all about feature king love. I almost can't believe we're so close to the end, but these two episodes certainly did give me some closure. 315 Waukegan Rd, Northfield, IL 60093-5160 … Best friend always said the truth no matter what STOP THE HATRED & SPREAD LOVE & APPRECIATE ALWYZ. That’s possessive. Nevertheless our good hearted Crown Prince took it all and decided to move ahead with plans to restore San’s status. But the battle for Scottish independence didn't end when the movie does. Very sad if he ends up alone. I think it’s fair enough, after all Rin has done to save Won, Goryeo Dinasty, and his family, he deserve to be happy. In that time he has no power to stop them. If San ends up with Rin it will be because Won loves them both. At the same time in Corea, Ok Nam asks the king the exact same question and as viewers, we start to catch onto what’s going on. odd thing happened when watching this drama. You only make it more complicated. GOOD TEAM. In the other side, Won has bed temperament but he never lie to his best friend. Beautiful. I am not enjoying seeing the cp hurt. His childhood friend, Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun), is his trusted ally and bodyguard. Lee Lim got his just deserts in both worlds, getting shot by Tae Eul in the Obelisk and executed by Lee Gon in Corea. Her friend tells her something that all of us were waiting to hear: “There’s some guy on a white horse at the Taekwondo centre now.”. Earlier I did like Rin more than Won cause he more deligent to a woman. He’d improved so much. When they meet Eun San (Im Yoon Ah), the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the country, they become inseparable friends. The Queen might seem evil, but she has her own layers and her own way of loving Won. Zombie Detective (KBS2) She had worse compared to Won. That’s not love. or Rin might partly stop the marriage because of San and his own feelings, but he also did it because of Won. This must be a parallel world. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Betrayer Wang Lin !!! Rin lying about San, his brother, etc. His friend take his love away. Love Won more and more.. Agree. me and my friend trying to understand every episode of The King Eternal Monarch, Now we are back in 2021 Korea and Tae Eul (the real one) gets a phone call from Na Ri as she is driving home from work. I will not be happy if San ends up loving Rin the most. “We have to run. Help me please, which website i can watch this drama. So this kind of concept i already encounter in the past, this type of concept when main lead end up with second lead is not something new. Make up your mind, San!!! Main South High School, Cumberland and Devon, Park Ridge, IL He deserves to be happy. Ok, people, please go back and watch some of the episodes again because your assessments of Rin are way off. San deceive Won that’s why he more angry with Lin. Is Rin death? Poor guy.. I know he have great heart when he was defend San infront of King without knowing that she was San. Whilst we never get confirmation that this is how the two spend the rest of their lives, this is honestly one of the better endings that the show could have gone. I watch the drama from eps 1. Love WONSAN stay together and happy ending. his loyalty (even if it cost his life), his quite habit but caring, but I hate when he abandon his feel just because Won. But some of article write it on February 2nd, 1990. But eps 31 is my favorite eps ever, where San and Rin confess their true feelings through their eyes contact without a single word. It’s not his fault that San falling in love with him. Go away Wang Rin!!! The story telling is kind of odd at times, I noticed there are several times that I assume the main characters were at a crisis but then the next scene they were walking around in the woods leisurely. The series has been utterly crazy and confusing, but it seems like the finale has left most of us satisfied with how the story concluded…Onto season 2! It’s hard to pick side which character is the righteous one. Now, whom betrays who ?? Now as Wang Rin’s character, a sweet and delicate person, I can see Rin is Jong Hyun. It is not because of Won. Whilst laughing at Yeong secretly cursing at his king through CCTV, we hear: “Just like that, we even watched our own movie.”. Force the hugs, hold the hands even San tried push him away, many times. And about San, I don’t like her act and character bcause she never tell the truth about her own feeling. I was your fan but not now. He is so loyal to his friend as well as his majesty, Won. I can’t blame Won for what he has done. – Official Trailer Actually Dan is the most pretty in this drama, but she isn’t main actress. Early in the drama, San says she has strong feelings for both Won and Rin and feels torn. It is saying, this video is not availabe in my country now a days The film is directed by David Michôd, who produced the film with Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Liz Watts and Joel Edgerton according to the film's screenplay which was written by Michod and Edgerton. He realises that this is the detective he fell in love with as she is wearing the necklace he gave her at the very start of the series. Do you think Wang won will happy if you died? Use his title to overpowered Rin?? I’m so angry with her.. next ep she will take the revenges by killing her self… So stupid San !!!! Yoona play her role so well and natural, I can’t imagine another actress can take her shoes as Eun San. There is a great difference in their approach to love, the CP is obsessive and wants her by his side all the time, wants to build a big cage for her while Rin is more laid back and realizes that some birds can not live in a cage. Rin, on the other hand, is willing to do anything to make sure Won’s safe and Won gets what he wants. Please don’t make me to hate this drama. I don’t know if it is the script, the casting or the directing. I’m sad too when finally Rin realize that he misunderstanding with Won’s step. I was glad to see that won finally got rid of him from San’s embrace. Yoon Jong Hoon as Wang Jeon, Oh Min Suk as Song In I agree that in the first ep the CP did mistake but he regret it and try to fix it. What happen with San? That’s love. “You exist across every universe and you still don’t recognise me…Why are you crying? Even I’m a woman, but I don’t agree with you, Nurri. Won and rin fighting. They didn’t know that Song In will always go after them. So disappoint with u Lin !!! Dan is more pretty than San. The CP could have told Rin that he was going to talk to Rin’s father to get approval for his marriage to Dan, Rin told San to speak to the CP and tell him the truth, that it will make him very happy. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) Even your sister did the same thing!!! How can San’s reaction by shook off Won’s hand, everytime he touched her, was called love ??? @Nonuts. Eighteen Again (jTBC) Yup, I agree with Kitty Chan’s comment. All he need is only the truth. If Rin didn’t deceive and lying to Won at the first time. The story is very good. When she was with Won, she always thinking about Rin. Now Won always thinking to get his goal without hurting his people. Wish Won and San love each other in the end. And about San’s mother, It was Song In and Rin’s brother fault. That’s what he does, waiting for her to follow her heart lead to. Love WONSAN stay together and happy ending. Than one of them can move on and love other girl. Im Yoon Ah as Eun San Won, you took my heart in this drama He caught in the middle, but still try to protect people he loves, Won, San, Dan. WONSAN fighting \(*×*)/, Can’t wait for next ep…can’t wait to see Won…can’t wait to see Won & San together…. She said that Won make her heart open. People said in the novel, it’s about San and Rin love story. DanMachi season 3 episode 4 release date and time: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon explained, {{#media.media_details}} Main lead become second lead. Even young Rin try to stop it, noone will believe it cause Song in has a power to make it happen. The King: Eternal Monarch really made us went through difficult times from this to this. San and Rin are not there. How dare you hurting your best friend !!!! He know Won loves San but he kiss her, it will make him not to trust Rin anymore.

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