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The opening ten minutes makes for a ravishing start, a gorgeous bit of reminiscence that compresses potential pages of exposition into a handful of striking shots while using matching angles to yoke the past and the present together, and that evocative style carries through to the meat of the story. For every mysterious and obscure moment, there’s a bizarrely funny one, like a quick shot of a man with a feather duster cleaning off a wall-mounted penis. Steve Carlson is the Netflix video clerk, and every week he hand-delivers three awesome movies you've never heard of before. He's been writing about movies in one form or another on the Internet since 2002 and co-hosts the Bad Idea Podcast.

That’s the stock in trade of The Killer Is Loose – slow-boiling buildups to abrupt cathartic releases, brief violent eruptions before the world returns to propriety, and as such it’s intensely satisfying. Contact Steve Carlson at

As Hester Collyer, a married woman who finds herself drawn to Freddie Page, a brash RAF pilot (Tom Hiddleston) who prefers to avoid getting, as he says, “tangled up in other people's emotions,” Rachel Weisz is spectacularly good – a sure-footed center around which the film’s drama can coalesce. He knows what he wants and the most methodical way to obtain it, and rarely do his emotions betray him – he’s the obsessed lunatic as cerebral pragmatist. If I’m making this sound like a slog, I should mention that Maddin’s formal dexterity and arch sense of humor still results in some smashing stretches of exciting cinema. NetflixReleases é um site não-oficial para fãs da Netflix. It always leads to something ugly.”. As she’s caught between two men, so is her Hester the emotional midway point between her dignified, stuffy husband William (Simon Russell Beale, giving a model of stiff-upper-lip acting) and the lively but loutish and thoughtlessly cruel Page.

Netflix Netflix. The script unreels like a chess game in which Sam is caught in the middle and fighting against being outsmarted by both his opponents – while the machinations of Poole are expectedly clever, one of the most entertaining things about this is Lila’s similarly-dextrous ability to piece together situational particulars despite her husband’s elusive attempts at informational stonewalling. Rotten Tomatoes rating:

He thinks that's the best compliment he's ever received. Love goes wrong in a lot of ways, whether in post-war Britain, in '50s America or in a strange Canadian dreamworld. 31.0%. 2020 made with ♥ NetflixReleases - Fansite não-oficial da Netflix Privacidade - Termos de Uso - Sobre - Contato.

Become a BuzzFeed News member. Far from being a stock thug or a psycho in the Tommy Udo vein, Leon Poole is a quiet and determined man.

Comedy; Movie It's a dognapping gone awry when a dim-bulb butler and his equally inept friend try to abduct the ... Flixboss solves this by providing a better way to discover and browse the complete list of movies and series available on Netflix in the U.S..

As Ulysses says, “So many locked doors, and they all have to be opened.”. Every freighted pause, every half-hearted smile and every swallowed sob is deployed for maximum impact; in particular, Weisz gets more mileage out of misty eyes than most actresses can manage with the most outsized histrionics in their arsenal (seriously, check out the scene in the back of William’s car after the revelation of her infidelity). In the neo-futuristic city of Lusaka, Zambia, four scrappy teen girls join a retired secret agent on a quest to save the world!


Boetticher’s expert pacing and direction reflect his antagonist; the film’s best scene, a confrontation between Poole and an old Army buddy, tightens the tension until a single gunshot explodes like a thunderclap and starts a chain reaction of cacophonous sound. Screwed is a modern throwback to classic John Hughes-ian 80's films about self discovery, a sex comedy with heart where one man will do anything and any woman to win the girl of his dreams. There are some moments of catharsis, some bold moments of howling rage – mostly courtesy of Hiddleston, a charming rake who becomes a raw nerve when cornered and finds a way to make a gift of a shilling into the coldest gesture imaginable – but the true force of the film comes from the contrast between the inner life of Hester and the outer world Davies surrounds her with.

Films don’t come much tighter than Budd Boetticher’s crime drama The Killer Is Loose. But this is really Corey’s show all the way. Screwed: The Movie Year 2013 Genre Comedy Romance Type Movies IDMB rating 4.4 (316 votes) Netflix rating 2.9 Rotten Tomatoes rating 31.0% Directors John Wynn Actors Julie McNiven, Alison Haislip, Nathan Moore, Kevin McCorkle, Kurt David Anderson

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She’s a real sharp cookie, a detail that sets apart the character from the typical fretful spouse or damsel in distress, and Fleming’s fiery performance accents that beautifully. (When she proclaims regarding the situation, “Tragedy is too big a word – sad perhaps, but hardly Sophocles,” she’s not being glib.)

If you’re in the mood for a quick hit of terrific B-movie craft: The Killer Is Loose (1956, Budd Boetticher).

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