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She continues to explore these ideas today: Her latest collection, for fall/winter 2017 — which she called “the future of silhouette” — could just as well describe a large amount of her work. Kawakubo apologized for any offense she might, unintentionally, have given, and Jewish organizations who reviewed the videos were satisfied that no sacrilege had been committed. Scelerisque in, ultricies quis vel parturient, lorem adipiscing cursus ut? “She was unlike other mothers,” Kawakubo says. In Le Figaro, he discoursed with a quaint gravity on les tendances de la mode and affirmed his belief in “simplified lines that are easy to understand,” because “true success means pleasing everyone”—a succinct résumé of everything in fashion that Kawakubo doesn’t stand for, in both senses. Instead, she examines and dismantles garments, as if trying to capture their essence by the very act of questioning their intended function. Rei Kawakubo, (born October 11, 1942, Tokyo, Japan), self-taught Japanese fashion designer known for her avant-garde clothing designs and her high fashion label, Comme des Garçons (CDG), founded in 1969. At twenty-two, with a nod toward her mother’s act of lèse-majesté, she left home “without telling my parents where I was going or what I was doing,” and moved into a shared apartment in Harajuku, which was Tokyo’s East Village and is still a mildly louche neighborhood of clubs and boutiques where pierced teens (most of them home by dinnertime) hang out wearing outré street fashions and trying to look ghetto.
Right: Cubisme, spring/summer 2007;  © Craig McDean; All photos courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art]. Many women still made their own clothes or patronized a local tailor, and the best-known Japanese couturier, Hanae Mori, worked in a decorous Parisian mode. A new minimalism is here, the fashion bylines say.

“I never intended to start a revolution,” she told me last winter. Rei Kawakubois one of the world's best known fashion designers, but never sketches. Her protégé Junya Watanabe, who has a wrestler’s physique and a cherub’s face, squeezed in near Mister, who looked, in his business suit, a little like the hired mourner at a rocker’s funeral. “Red is black,” she said at the time. After graduation, she was employed in a textile firm and also did freelance styling in 1967. The Timeless Charm of Rei Kawakubo’s Signature Bob. Andrew Bolton I know, but this is more of a conversation. What makes Kawakubo’s clothes so attractive to them is precisely her genius for wrapping up the paradoxes of being a misfit and a cipher in something to wear that is magically misfitting. Joffe, who is based in Paris, sees her, he says, at least once a month, and between collections they take a week to travel—generally choosing somewhere off the fashion radar screen, like Yemen or Romania.

Through the millennia, this brazen and potent female deity hasn’t been much of a model to her countrywomen, particularly once they marry. Your email address will not be published.
Few if any spectators were left blasé, and some went home dumbstruck with rapture, while others lobbed back at the invader what they perceived as a blast of barbarity, tagging the look “Hiroshima’s revenge.” Kawakubo has never quite lived down (she has at times played up) that show of audacity, whose fallout is still being absorbed by fashion’s young, yet which was much more Parisian than it seemed—a piece of shock theatre in the venerable tradition of “Ubu Roi” and “The Rite of Spring.”. 20, 1997; fall/winter 1997. Each of the stores is an ephemeral installation that opens without fanfare and closes after a year. This tactic has been present from her very first shows, when Kawakubo wrapped her models (and, later, her customers) in layers of cloth, and produced clothing without sizes. Sudjic relates a few anodyne details about Kawakubo’s girlhood (that she bunched her socks down as a revolt against the conformity of her school uniform, for example). “She always asks us to break down the literalness,” Kikuchi says. It’s perverse — and typically Comme des Garçons — to place such value on absence; on the space, rather than the fabric around it. Kawakubo’s silhouette had nothing to do with packaging a woman’s body for seduction.

From left: spring/summer 1997; fall/winter 2017. There has been, of course, a long history of body modification through dress — corsets have pulled the figure in to control the waist, and crinolines, panniers and bustles exaggerate and extend the body. When Comme des Garçons made its Paris Fashion Week debut in 1981, the clothes drew attention in their absolute absence of color — an impression that was underlined by interviews with Kawakubo, herself invariably dressed in blacks. January 21, 2016. only serves to increase the number of people who don’t get it.” But Spindler also noted that Kawakubo “typically throws a bone to those who still believe clothes are for wearing outside fashion focus groups without being gawked at.” Her easier-to-wear subsidiary lines, particularly Robe de Chambre (now called Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons)—a microcosm of her own wardrobe—streamline the runway concepts to reach a broader public. A different union produced a third child six years ago. Her husband disapproved, and for almost all Japanese wives of that class and era his word would have been law. Kawakubo ennobled poor materials and humbled rich ones, which were sent off to be reëducated in the same work camp with elasticated synthetics and bonded polyester. Comme des Garçons ads are often small works of art with little to no connection to the collection being advertised, never mind actually depicting the garments for sale. See more ideas about Rei kawakubo, Comme des garcons, Japanese fashion. Body Meets Dress – Dress Meets Body, spring/summer 1997, © Paolo Roversi; The recreations common to designers of her prestige, such as collecting villas or art and socializing with celebrities, don’t appeal to her, and the atmosphere of her office “is more monastic than commercial,” as the journalist Deyan Sudjic puts it in a monograph on her career that was published in 1990. Her boss was sympathetic to her ambitions. It was composed of ethereal chiffon layers yoked to cone-shaped knitted turtlenecks that masked the face from the nose down, worn over flowing shifts with sorcerer’s sleeves. cookie policy. Only eight designers had bothered to mount a show, and there was a sense that a once festive, feudal tournament of virtuosity had become a Renaissance fair with demonstrations of spinning and horseshoeing in period costume. (It’s only the second time the honor has been bestowed on a living designer.) That winter, she showed a hauntingly lovely collection that is still a favorite. The French Old Guard, needless to say, reviled Comme des Garçons, but it immediately became popular among women of the downtown persuasion. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Comme des Garcons by Rei Kawakubo via: iiiinspired Comme des Garcons by Rei Kawakubo circa 1980's via barriochinoberlin Comm... Sagittis ac a non est tincidunt?

Collections, shown under mottos ranging from to “White Drama” to “Invisible Clothes,” question some of the most basic tenets of designing, making, marketing, selling and wearing clothes. The staff calls the process by a deceptively playful English word, “catchball,” though as the deadline for a collection approaches, and Kawakubo is still dissatisfied, the “anguish and anger” mount in the cutting room. In a rare interview with WWD, Kawakubo also confessed she doesn't rate many of the industry's emerging young designers. . Kawakubo prefers a more difficult sell. By 1980, Comme des Garçons had a hundred and fifty franchised shops across Japan, eighty employees, and annual revenues of thirty million dollars. Last but not least, the fact that Kawakubo remains in control of the company she founded, refusing all offers from outside investors, speaks volumes in a fashion landscape where women are not always in charge creatively, even less financially. Soothe your skin with these masks from the experts (and a few DIY blends), The height of summer has arrived, and the trends of the season do not disappoint. Tokyo was enjoying an unseasonable warm spell when I arrived at the beginning of February, and the famous allées of cherry trees in the Aoyama cemetery had been lured into bud. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art prepares to honour the designer and her brand Comme des Garçons in its annual fashion exhibition, many observers will be exposed to her work for the first time – and their reactions will inevitably diverge wildly. But interestingly, Kawakubo has denounced two of her most bridal-themed collections — “Broken Bride” (fall/winter 2005) and “White Drama” (spring/summer 2012) — as too easily understood by her audiences. From left: fall/winter 1988; fall/winter 2004.

Kawakubo is now sixty-two. “I couldn’t explain it to you. knowledge of the architecture of garments.

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