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polybius the histories pdf

by on oktober 24, 2020

Od. 3 This shows us that even in such offences it is most advantageous to be moderate and abstain from unpardonable excesses willingly.  p221 contrary, we attempt to cure the evil by retaliation they work up their passions to outrival ours, until there is nothing so abominable or so atrocious that they will not consent to do it, imagining all the while that they are displaying a fine courage. 5 He had also with him Autaritus and his Gauls numbering only about two thousand, the rest of the original corps having deserted to the Romans when encamped near Eryx. 8 Thinking then, on the present occasion too, that the war was over and he had secured a complete victory he took no precaution for the safety of his army and camp, but entered the city and occupied himself with the care of his person. 1 This desperation of the enemy made Hamilcar anxious, and he begged Hanno to join him, being convinced that if both armies united, an end would be put sooner to the whole war. 9 Finally, taking them by surprise and encamping opposite to them in a position unfavourable for action on their part but favouring his own strong point — generalship — he brought them to such a pass, that not daring to risk a battle and unable to escape, as they were entirely surrounded by a •trench and palisade, they were at last driven by famine to eat each other — 10 a fitting retribution at the hands of Providence for their violation of all law human and divine in their treatment of their neighbours. 8 It was therefore impossible to assemble them and address them as a body or to do so by any other means; for how could any general be expected to know all their languages? 5 Mathos noticed that Hannibal was guilty of negligence and over-confidence, and attacking his camp, put many Carthaginians to the sword and drove them all out of the camp. All those he captured were thrown to the elephants. 5 This Libyan war, that had brought Carthage into such peril, resulted not only in the Carthaginians regaining possession of Libya, but in their being able to inflict exemplary punishment on the authors of the rebellion. 8 Owing to the distance between the two camps it was some time before Hamilcar heard of the sortie and attack, and even then he was slow to give assistance owing to the difficult nature of the interjacent ground. 2 They began by shutting up in the citadel and putting to death Bostar, the commander of the foreign contingent, and his compatriots. 6 The Libyans, when they learnt of their officers' arrest, thought they had been betrayed, as they were ignorant of the treaty, and rushed to arms, 7 but Hamilcar, surrounding them (more than forty thousand) with his elephants and the rest of his forces, cut them all to pieces. 8 stream 5 These terms having been agreed to, Hamilcar at once said that by virtue of them he chose the ten envoys. 7 For in many partial engagements, Hamilcar, like a good draught-player, by cutting off and surrounding large numbers of the enemy, destroyed them without their resisting, 8 while in the more general battles he would sometimes inflict large loss by enticing them into unsuspected ambuscades and sometimes throw them into panic by appearing when they least expected it by day or by night. That said, in the context of the Punic Wars, the most important feature of Mt. Eryx is that from its summit, on a clear day, one can see Africa: the Cap Bon in Tunisia is 171 km distant. But my predecessors have not been sparing in this respect. 11 Numbers both of the officers and privates perished thus in the different meetings, 12 and in fact this phrase "Stone him" was the only one that became intelligible to all the different nations, owing to the frequency of the act. 6 From this time forward they were at open war with Carthage, having bound themselves by certain impious oaths contrary to the principles recognized by all mankind. 2 Yet they did not omit to take steps for their safety. 11 He thus restored some confidence and courage to the Carthaginians, delivering them in a measure from their previous despondency. Thus, from a strategic point of view, Mt. Eryx itself "faces" not Italy but Africa, and would have been a very useful lookout over the sea towards Carthage. Leben und Werk im Banne Roms, Hildesheim/Zürich/New York 2011. 4 Hamilcar wondered what his object could be and sent out a horseman to meet him, when he said that he desired an interview with the general. 8 Hamilcar, on hearing this, was so delighted at the young man's courage in The Histories of Polybius by Polybius; Hultsch, Friedrich Otto, 1833-1906; Shuckburgh, Evelyn S. (Evelyn Shirley), 1843-1906.

Healthy Red Velvet Brownies, Ghost Riders In The Sky, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Glee Lyrics, Vanishing Stars, Moral Occupation, Uniqlo Size Chart Kids, Marry Me Thomas Rhett Karaoke, Poppy's Little Treasures Penrith,

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