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king of comedy ending

by on oktober 24, 2020

The whole movie is about the inability of the characters to get any kind of a positive response to their bids for recognition. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/The ending--I never initially took it as open ended or wondering if he fantasized the payout. Crazy is celebrated now. This film is his best critique. Den of Geek We’ve got a reality TV show president, a 24-hour news cycle, and a mass devotion to Google analytics. Wolf of Wall Street throws everything in your face in a manner that Scorsese is above doing; it felt like he was pandering to a demographic which he didn't need to pander to--sexy lustful irony in the vein of Dr Strangelove but much less compelling. I'm almost certain that in some way this is connected to Rupert Pupkin. What else has he got to do? ._33axOHPa8DzNnTmwzen-wO{font-size:14px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:32px;text-transform:uppercase;display:block;padding:0 16px;width:100%} I felt that in Rupert's world, it was real. They are partners in a crime that fans can only dream about, and it’s merely an extension of their daily existence. He makes masterpieces, but he does it because he knows the minds of the people he puts on those screens and he knows the very people he makes films about are watching the films he makes. And all the bit players would have gotten spinoffs by then, including Marsha. If it goes against the mainstream of his work, does it work and to what means? What is happening in the fadeout of King of Comedy? But The King of Comedy knew where celebrity was headed. Dashes of black and white, like the iconic Richard Widmark movie playing on late night TV, are masterful brush strokes of foreshadowing. In effect, what he tries to accomplish is a farcical condemnation of all that is wrong with pop culture and fandom in America; much of what Scorsese pinpoints still rings accurate today. Enough time to write a tell-all book, or better yet have someone ghost write it and pass it off to a reputable publisher. Maybe that's what Martin Scorsese wants, it only adds to the absurdity of American Pop-culture and HOW things become relatively 'famous'--well,well before a time of social media, and internet, so the only thing standing in someone's way of becoming 'famous' is an outrageous act caught on national television. ._2cHgYGbfV9EZMSThqLt2tx{margin-bottom:16px;border-radius:4px}._3Q7WCNdCi77r0_CKPoDSFY{width:75%;height:24px}._2wgLWvNKnhoJX3DUVT_3F-,._3Q7WCNdCi77r0_CKPoDSFY{background:var(--newCommunityTheme-field);background-size:200%;margin-bottom:16px;border-radius:4px}._2wgLWvNKnhoJX3DUVT_3F-{width:100%;height:46px} With the movie set in 1981, and Phoenix playing the future Joker as a struggling comedian with aspirations of stardom, it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots with Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy.” In an interview with IndieWire, De Niro confirmed that his role was a nod to that earlier performance. That lack of release disturbed me the fist time I saw "The King of Comedy," back in January. Leads With DC's 'Joker' and Sequels to 'It,' 'Shaft,' and More, The Must-See Movies and TV Shows on HBO Max. I love, love, love this film. Just the fact that it could be possible is enough of an indictment of our society and our perverse celebrity admiration, in my opinion. Its the only film I think I have ever actually cringed watching. That is a powerful example of the power of positive thinking. After watching this film and this wretched character of Rupert Pupkin try to claw his way into the limelight, you actually believe that he could be famous after getting released from prison. “Why not me? ._2a172ppKObqWfRHr8eWBKV{-ms-flex-negative:0;flex-shrink:0;margin-right:8px}._39-woRduNuowN7G4JTW4I8{border-top:1px solid var(--newCommunityTheme-widgetColors-lineColor);margin-top:12px;padding-top:12px}._3AOoBdXa2QKVKqIEmG7Vkb{font-size:12px;font-weight:400;line-height:16px;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-body);border-radius:4px;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-ms-flex-direction:row;flex-direction:row;margin-top:12px}.vzEDg-tM8ZDpEfJnbaJuU{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-button);fill:var(--newCommunityTheme-button);height:14px;width:14px}.r51dfG6q3N-4exmkjHQg_{font-size:10px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:12px;text-transform:uppercase;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-ms-flex-pack:justify;justify-content:space-between}._2ygXHcy_x6RG74BMk0UKkN{margin-left:8px}._2BnLYNBALzjH6p_ollJ-RF{display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;margin-left:auto}._1-25VxiIsZFVU88qFh-T8p{padding:0}._3BmRwhm18nr4GmDhkoSgtb{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText);-ms-flex:0 0 auto;flex:0 0 auto;line-height:16px} He really hit it out of the park, as far as that goes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. “When I did it in ‘Grudge Match,’ we had more obstructive things on,” De Niro said. The struggling comedian will ultimately become a superstar as the Clown Prince of Crime, but all Joker ever wanted was to be the King of Comedy. Why not? One of Pupkin’s fantasias imagines him having this easy rapport with Langdon. ._3Im6OD67aKo33nql4FpSp_{border:1px solid var(--newCommunityTheme-widgetColors-sidebarWidgetBorderColor);border-radius:5px 5px 4px 4px;overflow:visible;word-wrap:break-word;background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-body);padding:12px}.lnK0-OzG7nLFydTWuXGcY{font-size:10px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:12px;text-transform:uppercase;padding-bottom:4px;color:var(--newCommunityTheme-navIcon)} .FIYolDqalszTnjjNfThfT{max-width:256px;white-space:normal;text-align:center} “If it’s going to extend my career by 30 years, that’s fine with me,” he said. Anyway, I haven't made my mind up yet. Granted that the ending is taken literally by De Niro and Scorsese (for sequel purposes - who wouldn't want to see a high-off-his-own-supply Travis trying to tackle modern inner-city problem or a superstar Rupert being so ambitious that he ends up alienating everybody he's made amends with? Would you welcome home, please, television’s brightest new star, the legendary, inspirational, the one and only king of comedy. King of Comedy keeps everything buried to a minimum; you don't know the direction of the movie, and your perception of Rupert Pupkin keeps changing the way De Niro plays him throughout the film. Pupkin doesn’t even realize he did anything out of the ordinary. That is a fanatic’s devotion. Viewers cannot trust what they are feeling because the rug can be pulled within a few frames. He’d be shushed himself in Sardi’s for that, if not even called sir with the added caveat that he please leave. The fact that we're left to wonder, and the irony that it could have been either, is the point. This is fairly similar to the delusions of Rupert Pupkin (also De Niro) in The King of Comedy movie, in which his idol was Jerry Lewis’ own riff on a Johnny Carson type, there named Jerry Langford. ._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ{border:1px solid transparent;display:block;padding:0 16px;width:100%;border:1px solid var(--newCommunityTheme-body);border-radius:4px;box-sizing:border-box}._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:hover{background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-primaryButtonTintedEighty)}._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ._2FebEA49ReODemDlwzYHSR,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:active,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:hover{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText);fill:var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText)}._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ._2FebEA49ReODemDlwzYHSR,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:active{background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-primaryButtonShadedEighty)}._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:disabled,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ[data-disabled],._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ[disabled]{background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-primaryButtonTintedFifty);color:rgba(var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText),.5);fill:rgba(var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText),.5);cursor:not-allowed}._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:active,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:disabled,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ:hover,._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ[data-disabled],._1zyZUfB30L-DDI98CCLJlQ[disabled]{border:1px solid var(--newCommunityTheme-body)}._1O2i-ToERP3a0i4GSL0QwU,._1uBzAtenMgErKev3G7oXru{display:block;fill:var(--newCommunityTheme-body);height:22px;width:22px}._1O2i-ToERP3a0i4GSL0QwU._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_,._1uBzAtenMgErKev3G7oXru._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{height:14px;width:14px}._2kBlhw4LJXNnk73IJcwWsT,._1kRJoT0CagEmHsFjl2VT4R{height:24px;padding:0;width:24px}._2kBlhw4LJXNnk73IJcwWsT._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_,._1kRJoT0CagEmHsFjl2VT4R._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{height:14px;width:14px}._3VgTjAJVNNV7jzlnwY-OFY{font-size:14px;line-height:32px;padding:0 16px}._3VgTjAJVNNV7jzlnwY-OFY,._3VgTjAJVNNV7jzlnwY-OFY._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;text-transform:uppercase}._3VgTjAJVNNV7jzlnwY-OFY._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{font-size:12px;line-height:24px;padding:4px 9px 2px;width:100%}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs{font-size:14px;line-height:32px;padding:0 16px}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs,._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;text-transform:uppercase}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs._2ilDLNSvkCHD3Cs9duy9Q_{font-size:12px;line-height:24px;padding:4px 9px 2px;width:100%}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs:hover ._31L3r0EWsU0weoMZvEJcUA{display:none}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs ._31L3r0EWsU0weoMZvEJcUA,._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs:hover ._11Zy7Yp4S1ZArNqhUQ0jZW{display:block}._2QmHYFeMADTpuXJtd36LQs ._11Zy7Yp4S1ZArNqhUQ0jZW{display:none}._2CLbCoThTVSANDpeJGlI6a{width:100%}._2CLbCoThTVSANDpeJGlI6a:hover ._31L3r0EWsU0weoMZvEJcUA{display:none}._2CLbCoThTVSANDpeJGlI6a ._31L3r0EWsU0weoMZvEJcUA,._2CLbCoThTVSANDpeJGlI6a:hover ._11Zy7Yp4S1ZArNqhUQ0jZW{display:block}._2CLbCoThTVSANDpeJGlI6a ._11Zy7Yp4S1ZArNqhUQ0jZW{display:none} Sandra Bernhard is gloriously perverse as Masha. Conversely, it could just be a final statement on the absurdity of celebrity culture in America and I can genuinely imagine something like this actually happening. Jerry Langford is Johnny Carson and Lewis all wrapped up in one. The viewing public feeds on their celebrities like they are so much meat for paparazzi cameras. I think a film should be judged for what you see on screen but I have come across outside information if it helps you at all. Those moments where the protagonist and his worldview are continuously challenged are why movies like King of Comedy, New York New York, and Last Temptation of Christ are top-tier Scorsese for me.

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