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kazakhs traditions

by on oktober 24, 2020

Kazakh music and musical instruments: The Kazakhs love the art of wordplay and their akyns (poets), who improvise at public competitions (aitys) accompanied by Kazakh stringed musical instruments: the dombra or the kobyz. It is easily taken apart (it is said that a Kazakh woman can do it in half an hour) and carried by horses and camels. There were lots of Kamza in those times. There they found salt, sugar and the wedding ring. After the song, a mother of the groom lifts the veil. Seven or more people from the groom's side would come one day to take the bride back to their house. Magic Songs of the Eternal Steppe is a series of concerts at Carnegie Hall[11] and The Kennedy Center in celebration of Kazakhstan Cultural Days in the United States. Malga bata jasatu - After the sybaga has been consumed and tea is drunk, the host grabs the sheep which was brought to be slaughtered for the celebration, and one of the old men would give bata (a blessing). The Kazakhs were traditionally pastoral nomads, dwelling year-round in portable, dome-shaped tents (called ger s, or yurts) constructed of dismountable wooden frames covered with felt. In her hands she carries a stick with an eagle's and owl's claws. The bride's tender arm would make it difficult for the groom to breath. If the daughter remained a virgin until her wedding night, the husband's parents would be happy and would respect and love her. Kuim tigu - According to Kazakh tradition, the matchmakers mustn't sleep. The most famous performer of kui was the 19th century musician Dauletgerei. There was a soft pillow inside. They had to eat, to sing songs, and to tell funny stories the whole night, otherwise the opposite side would sew up their cloths. The people of New South Wales can be justifiably proud of the ambulance service they have built, and the dedicated men and women who continue the traditions of excellence in pre-hospital care. Forty years of women as paramedics in NSW. The bride would take one of her sister"s-in law or any relative and visit relatives who lived in remote places. Elders came to give a "Bata", or blessing. Guests to the feast brought "Shashu," or candies, kurts, and coins. Other popular meat dishes are kazy (which is a horse meat sausage that only the wealthy could afford), shuzhuk (horse meat sausages), kuyrdak (also spelled kuirdak, a dish made from roasted horse, sheep, or cow offal, such as heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs, diced and served with onions and peppers), and various horse delicacies, such as zhal (smoked lard from horse's neck) and zhaya (salted and smoked meat from horse's hip and hind leg). Kazakhstan has successfully integrated into the world community during the 21st century but has also worked tirelessly to carefully preserve folk traditions and customs. Civil Ambulance and Transport Brigade begins operations. The bigger percentage of Muslims are Sunni Muslims. This is the first officially recognised ambulance service in New South Wales. Special Casualty Access Team (SCAT) established. [4], Shashu (Kazakh: шашу - to scatter) - a tradition to shower heroes of an occasion with sweets during some festivity. Muslims called it "Nimakhram." A sheep would also be slaughtered, and on this occasion the spinal column would be given to the groom to nibble on. When several months have passed, the parents of the "stolen" baby begin to wear old cloths and to appear as beggars. When a son is considered a grownup, his parents seek a bride for him. Therefore, today I came to the famous Uyghur ethno-restaurant. 10. The bride would be wearing a veil, as she was not allowed to show her face until Bet ashar, and she was not allowed to look straight to anyone. Kyz tanysu Children learn hospitality and respect from a very young age, and this is reflected … Invited participants ate, had fun, and sang songs to the tune of the dombra, a traditional two-stringed instrument. One endurance race features as many as two hundred participants, with riders going around a mile-long track for about thirty laps. In earlier times, a person on a long journey could drop by any kazakh aul, and the host would greet and feed him. But our traditions are vastly different from those in other countries and cultures. Shildekhana The breastbone symbolized the parent's wish of friendship and to bear together all the good and bad aspects of life. 5. In Kazakhstan, this holiday is known as Nauryz, and it is said that the more you celebrate at this time, the greater will be your success throughout the year. Here you may find some real bargains, including memorabilia from the Soviet era. After the matchmakers had been dunked in the river, the host and hostess would present them with new cloths. Symphony Orchestra of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory was founded in 1947. It was also necessary for the groom to come at night, for coming earlier in the day would suggest he had been brought up poorly. Most live in Bayan-Olgii Aimag, where they make up 90% of the inhabitants. Kazakhs love horses, riding them for transportation in the villages, using them for farming, racing them for fun, and eating them for celebrations. In the earlier chapters we talked about bones like the asykti zhilik. Lets assume one family has a son and they have friends with an eligible daughter. 12. Although seeing people in traditional Kazakh clothes is becoming rarer–except in remote areas or on holidays—in the past, representatives of all classes wore the same clothes. Every ritual meant something. Be polite and tolerant with your neighbor Cutting of such a thread meant if you see a person stealing something or an unpleasant situation, the watcher should try immediately to intervene. After the kelin (or bride) came to the groom's house, her mother-in law and sister-in law would begin to teach her further household works. Otka shakyru It’s the center of life and business. You're so beautiful and white as an egg After having a rest, the visitor would thank the host and ride on his way. To successfully perform Koi Jas duties, the teenager had be able to graze a flock of sheep in rainy, windy, or sunny weather, as well as to protect them from wolves and wild dogs. When the bride arrived, some women would through shuinshi. Only women who have conceived their own children are allowed to place babies in their cradles, and any woman who would place a friend's baby in this place of honor must sew and present a new itkoiiek to the baby's mother. We are glad to answer and assist, please send us your questions or queries. Playing with this toy, they learn how to count which would later be important for a herdsman. Kazakhstan has yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup tournament. Abay Qunanbayuli was a great Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher. Created and sung by nomadic tribes for thousands of years, these songs have been preserved only through oral tradition for most of their history. Headdresses, dresses, bags and saddle-cloths are beautifully embroidered. The word “Kazakh” itself translates to “free, independent nomad.”. Since I undertook to study the history and culture of the Uighur people, I certainly could not miss the national cuisine. And the baby who was trained in such a manner was believed would never have stomach trouble. They became known as Knights of Malta, building numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities across the Mediterranean. Believe me ! Kazakhs are known for their hospitality, and so many Kazakh traditions are based on this ethnic feature. As each participant was mentioned in the poet's song, the bride was required to bend and greet by making salem. And in ancient times, seven items - including a whip, a bridle, a fur coat, and a blanket would be placed in the cradle. Kopshik kystyrar - This was a gift for the bride's sister-in law for having accompanied the groom. The Kazakhs migrated seasonally to find pasturage for their livestock, including horses, sheep, goats, cattle, and a … White is symbolized in this case to mean hopes for success without any obstacles. Differences in class were noted only in the quality of decoration and ornamentation. Elderly women wear a hood made of white cloth with a hole for the face (the kimeshek). Taking presents with her, this ceremony was designed to introduce the young woman to her new kinswomen in their home; and it was an occasion to once again display the bride's good breeding, for her appearance, beauty and behavior during Otka Shakyru would be the subject of much discussion upon her departure. Abai Kunanbayev, whose name adorns settlements, streets, theaters, schools and universities in Kazakhstan today, stands out among the writers of that time. Rugby union is a popular sport in Kazakhstan, with over 10,000 fans consistently turning up to watch the Kazakhstan national rugby union team play. Many traditions are related to family relationships. These abandoned traditions are just now being rediscovered by the Kazakh people. The projects include the following: The program also includes translation of the contemporary Kazakh literature and poetry into the UN's six languages. Kazakhs used to say that it took forty families to raise a daughter to the age of twelve or thirteen; or they would say it was easier to keep a bear than to bring up a daughter. OrexCA.com © 2003-2020. The old woman then takes the baby to her home, but the mother continues to nurse the baby at different times during the day. In Kazakh tradition the marriage ceremony itself is celebrated by a mullah. There would also be a musical competition at the bride's house. On this occasion the sister-in law would cut the meat and would give the marrow bone and the peak of the breast bone to the bride. After the fall of Jerusalem in 1187, the knights started safeguarding the routes taken by medieval pilgrims and eventually came to Malta in 1530 where they were established for nearly 300 years. His wife was taught to meet him with her charming smile, and to-prepare his favorite dish. Kazakhs are known for their hospitality, and so many Kazakh traditions are based on this ethnic feature. To protect the livestock, only the strong zhigiti of twenty five to forty years of age were trusted to graze the important animals. How can our matchmakers appear in public with greasy clothes? Riders can showcase their skills in the various horse games that have become traditional on the Kazakh steppe. Lots of people would gather in the room. Steppe zergers(jewelers) favor white silver. The bride's parents would call the groom and kiss him. Camels and cows could usually be tended older family members, but kazakhs usually also had sheep, and horses reguiring more shepherding skills. Kazakh culture seems also to be strongly influenced by the nomadic Scythians. Upon his evening arrival, the bride's brothers would meet him and take his horse, forcing the groom to walk. You could ask a question such as "Why did they put "kuirik baur" into their mouth?" When the bride's side gathered to say farewell to her, women stayed inside and men outside. When she came to their houses they would present her with something for her dowry: a rug, a blanket, or a dish. Real sovereignty is just now being reestablished in Kazakhstan due to the process of democratization. When a mullah would be present for the Besik Toi, he would shout the baby's new name into his ears. Kazakh culture is largely influenced by the Turkic nomadic lifestyle. It is still necessary in the rural places of Kazakhstan to bring up boys to be able to look after the cattle. Many Kazakhs own horses and keep pictures of them in their houses or offices. The hope was that the female horses would not be dry. 14. 8. The young wife was expected to give birth within the first year of her wedding. Everywhere you look, you will see a love of beauty, as even the most commonplace articles are lavishly decorated. After the guest has enjoyed kumiss or … Because animal husbandry was central to the Kazakhs' traditional lifestyle, most of their nomadic practices and customs relate in some way to livestock.

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