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is pumice better than perlite

by on oktober 24, 2020

I have used pumice in hydro ages ago. If pumice is hard to come by in Hawaii - which would surprise me, as I've been told by folks who have lived there that its not hard to find - try scoria. Good info. If your soil is already sandy and coarse, you wouldn't need help with aeration and drainage. Is the locally available cinder material light and porous? Will see how much a local guy will charge me to get it 6 hrs away in OR. (white worm, mites). It's alkalinity can be offset by the acidity of peat, depending on the ratio of peat to Growstone. However, pumice particles are much larger than perlite and are less likely to blow away in windy regions. If you want a plant in a container that is easy to move, add more perlite. I hate on vermiculite, I seriously detest that stuff. I assume the goal is improved soil structure in the garden. 2) Sustainability: I'm also interested in the sustainability aspect of each material; I live on the island of Oahu, so the question of the "most sustainable" product will likely come down to which I can source locally, but are there other considerations to make when choosing which of the materials is most sustainable? The ratio of compost to perlite to horticultural grit can therefore be tailored to your needs. It is more durable than perlite; it adds more both in terms of aeration and water retention (and subsequent release) than does perlite. I did recently try Growstone #2 - the smaller size, up to about 3/8" - and found that it is not a substitute for pumice since it holds little water, but it is a substitute for perlite at 1:1 in most of the common soil mixes. 20.00 for 4cf of perlite med grade is too much. Lastly, pumice will never decompose, so it never needs replacing (unlike Coco Coir and … When I bought it in the past, it was at a garden center in bags like potting soil and mulch. They use it in potting mixes in many Italian nurseries. If you have one nearby? That's a nice price for pumice. I would suggest that if you don't see plants growing in pure pumice in the wild, its a matter of available nutrients and has little to do with pumice as a substrate per se. I can up pot 20 trees using 1 bag going from 1 gal to 5 so you have to look at it that way. It would be quite a challenge living there and having to constantly choose between what's available locally vs. the high cost of imported *anything*. I do too, but I was using it before the rooting for my mixes. Pumice is the better choice for sandy soils because it greatly increases water-holding capacity. It is around $60 in Portland! Give it a shot. Perlite does not retain water so I prefer pumice or DE which both do retain water. It is often used alone in growing bonsai, or in various mixes such as 70/30 pumice/peat or 50/50 pumice/peat. Even at $1000 I think that wouldn't hurt my feelings too badly. Don't layer it as it raises the water table. : Lastly, I know how Perlite compares to Vermiculite, but what about how Pumice & BioChar compare to Vermiculite? I can get 3/4 inch pumice for 112 a yard. The trick might be to find it in an appropriate size. Just a few miles from me should be perfect.. Aloha,1) Performance: I am interested in perlite alternatives, particularly BioChar and/or Pumice (or any other materials if you have any suggestions). I am enthused to try it in my potting mix. Pieces are 1/4 to 1/2 inch max and keeps my pots lighter. I thought it was $112 per cubic yard or ~$4.15 per cubic foot. The thing to keep in mind is that pumice will have a higher water holding capacity than perlite. Organic and compost-based growing media.... http://www.cabdirect.org/abstracts/20083101543.html, How to tell when to harvest without a loupe, Why are my leaves growing three fingers? Pumice is heavier than its leading competitor Perlite, which forces it to stay mixed into your soil so it won’t float to the top of your containers and blow away. I haven't found a cheaper source. I found a source for Optisorb at 9.80 a bag (It gone up this year). I paid $11 for a cu ft of pumice(some 1/2" rock mix with mostly coarse grade bits). Like every other state Hawaii has a university that is part of the Cooperative Extension Service of the USDA. 90 a yard. So double the price here. Both perlite and pumice help to encourage soil drainage and boost oxygen levels in clay soils. Ya a yard of pumice says its 1000 lb at 27qf per yard. JavaScript is disabled. Such trees are usually fertilized with a foliar spray. You must log in or register to reply here. It is often used alone in growing bonsai, or in various mixes such as 70/30 pumice/peat or 50/50 pumice/peat. It's somewhat sustainable in that it is made from recycled glass, and not so much so in another sense as if you are in Hawaii we are talking about significant carbon footprint due to having to ship it out there. Mix it in instead but use part perlite, part pumice. Like sand you need enough, 45 to 75 percent by volume, while organic matter does a better job with much smaller amounts of material.When someone touts the benefits of pumice ask also how much organic matter is needed to get those benefits. I guess it doesn't hurt to make it clear. If not, if it's more like solid rock, then it's probably no help. USDA z 10a, SoCal. Pumice is awesome. So there is a very wide range of pumice-organics ratios that work well. Pumice is an igneous rock formed during volcanic explosions and has been sold for a number of uses including replacement of sand to mix in soils to "improve" drainage. I haven't typically lived in areas where pumice is available. I have been places where this material is laying around with no plant growth until organic matter is added. If you find paying more than double is ok, then it is your choice. Perlite vs. Pumice. If you want a plant that will not blow down add more grit. It is still affordable and nothing beats the size it is.

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