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high wall of lothric walkthrough

by on oktober 24, 2020

The ring is a Blue Tearstone Ring. If you don't approach the enemy quickly enough, you will have to face his transformed version. It will drop a Deep Battle Axe for you to pick up. Its time to clear the room! Make your way back to the archway following the courtyard with the Winged Knight. Continue down the stairs directly ahead and light the High Wall of Lothric bonfire in the area below. Try to eliminate them as fast as you can. Head down the other set of stairs and take out the first Hollow Soldier behind some more praying ones before you move forward. The biggest opportunity to attack them is to wait until the end of a lunge or melee combo for a brief pause in which to attack before he starts moving on you again. Either side of the Mimic door (this will be locked if you came via the wall) is a pair of sitting Undead Swordsmen. There is also a chest here we can loot for Silver Eagle Kite Shield. As with most enemies, the best way to defeat the Mimics is to dodge one of their attacks and then hit them whilst they recover. Open the doors, exit the room and head down the stairs to light the bonfire for this area. Eliminate him before continuing to the top of the stairs and dealing with the sitting Swordsman who’ll become hostile if you bother him. Try and bait them and don’t let them call for backup. The last room up here leads to where you found the sealed door near the Prison area, with a Thief waiting to the right, a Hollow coming over the rail to the left, and a corpse on the left holding a Titanite Shard. There’s a ladder past the two archers where two more Hollow will try to ambush you from over the railings, and a corpse with 3 Firebombs. As you enter the building, be extremely cautious and look to the left to see movement in the shadows. Head back down and let the enemies burn. They are however limited in their attack patterns and telegraph their moves quite obviously, making them somewhat easy to dodge. You can break through the barrels on the first right to find a walkway balcony far above them with a corpse at the end holding 2 Green Blossoms, or continue straight, but watch for the soldier who will ambush you on the first alcove on the left - search the room he was in to find a Broadsword behind some crates. Roll through it and go over the walkway. To continue, enter the cathedral and speak with the NPC named Emma seated near the far wall opposite the doorway. Get a few hits in, but be ready with some stamina for some evasive maneuvers. These enemies have great defense and excellent combat tactics, switching between using their shield or two-handing a weapon to penetrate yours. When he begins to shout, quickly interrupt him or wait for the enemies and eliminate them one by one. He also employs throwing knives, so close the gap and block his knife head on to take him out. To the left is the main path that leads to a battle with a dragon. Continue down the path and to the left come across a rather fat Knight with blue trimming. However, collecting all the items located here is worth the risk. Descend the ladder to the ground and take out the two Archer Hollows to the right. Firstly, as mentioned earlier they have quite a large amount of base health. Grab and defeat them one at a time before proceeding through the large door at the bottom of the stairs. If you can kill the Undead quickly enough, the transformation won't go ahead. Lure the dog first as it will often detect you as it wanders by the stairs. From this initial tower, there are two sets of stairs leading down. The Mimic will move in close and attempt a roundhouse kick on the player character. As it is equipped with light weapons, the attacks come very fast and if you get hit once, it is difficult to avoid taking the follow up attacks. The last item may cause you more trouble, because you have to run in the opposite direction to obtain it. An easy takedown as he strikes very slow and once he does that’s when you are going to slice him down. You will find a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a way outside. At the end of it, watch out for an enemy with a lamp. The area below contains multiple praying Hollow Soldiers that won’t attack, making them easy targets for soul farming, and two Starved Hounds. Head straight and here you will find a guard with a large Axe. Now heading to the main room where we will be fighting the Lothric Knight and few other Hallows downstairs. As the Winged Knights are not shielded, they can be attacked at almost any time, but because they attack very quickly it can be dangerous to let your guard down. The key here is to get in close, roll to his side and keep on swinging. Rogues can perform a 3+ hit combo when in close proximity to you. They will no longer interrupt you as you fight the knight. Instead, head down the ladder to the lower room and out the side door, stopping near the exit to nab the Soul of a Deserted Corpse. A Swordsman sitting on the opposite side of the room from our location and one with a buckler behind some crates to our right. Return back to the main hallway. Outside of that, getting a hit in on the Knight will need to wait until the end of a lunge or melee combo for a brief pause before he gets his shield up again. This time, we’ll take the ladder down at the end. Climb down the ladder and take on the Hollow with a Halberd. This is a confusing area and it’s easy to get lost with lots of paths, rooms and towers all over the place. As you leave, you should make out numerous enemies along the battlement ahead and a Spearman to the left by a set of stairs leading up. You can now exit the tower and take the stairs up to find a Titanite Shard and bonfire. There are two Rogues here – one patrolling the group of barrels in the centre of the room and a second seated at the far side of the area who will become active when you engage the first Rogue. Going against him can be very tough: He’s got a wide arc attack that will require some great dodging to block, and will usually alternate overhead lunges and wide sweeping attacks. If you are taking to much of hits then run away replenish your health and return to take him down. High Wall of Lothric in Dark Souls 3 is the next part of the story where you will explore some new areas and a Boss fight with Vordt. Watch for the Mimic's long jumps, stay on the move and dodge. Whether you ran along the wall dodging the Dragon's fire or went through the Mimic's room, the area you end up in has a Soul of a Deserted Corpse on the left of the area. At the end on the left you can pick up a Green Blossom. Check the Door which is sealed next to the corpse where you get the Mail Breaker knife and then head right, remember the location as you need to come here back to free the guy inside. A dark and brooding fantasy adventure awaits players in a vast twisted world full of fearsome beasts, devious traps and hidden secrets. Up on one of the walkways, on the right towards the main cathedral entrance, is a Knight guarding a Lucerne. Try and lure the hounds individually to avoid being flanked and then move forward to encounter your first major foe, a large variation on the Hollow Soldier with a Halberd. The difficulty is if you get hit by one of their combo melee attacks it can be very difficult to avoid successive blows. If you do get into a battle he performs strings of attacks and lunges. Continue through the door here and climb the stairs to the top to find a new Bonfire ‘Tower on the Wall’ and in the corner behind the main building here a corpse holding 1x Titanite Shard. Video showing quick route to the boss fight, also picking valuable item Gold Pine Resin on the way, which can make our fight much easier : We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. This next part can get a bit...dangerous. If you get near him, he’ll mutate into the same crazy beast that took over Gundyr, and that means he’ll be hitting just as hard and be just as difficult to read. Head down the ladder to the lower room and see the stairs on the left and a corridor on the Right with two hollow blocking you path. Full details on the different endings to the game; NPC Side quests and other optional content; Suggested character builds to help you get through the game with ease. His name is Ringfinger Leonhard, and he'll encourage you to start invading other players, handing you 5 Cracked Red Eye Orb. With the Small Lothric Banner in hand, we can now proceed down the stairs towards the main gate. Enemy Info: Hollow Assassin are stealthy assassins that aren’t dangerous, when you see them coming! Nameless accursed undead, unfit even to be cinder.”. Firstly, you’ll want to avoid the Spearman run and run halfway up the stairs – this will cause a Dragon to appear, which will hang off the building opposite the top of the stairs. Once they’ve been dealt with, look to the side of the building entrance to find a corpse holding a Soul of a Deserted Corpse. The Mimic will grab the player and bite them, draining a massive amount of health. Head back down into the building and carefully grab the 3 Firebomb on the outstretched plank. You can then try to attack him when he is on the ladder, or circle him when he goes down and attack him from above. This can cause massive damage but can be easily sidestepped. You may be able to avoid some of them. Instead, he’ll often pivot and scamper back, forcing you to give chase or risk being in his preferred range of attack. You will find an Ember, a Club, a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a Claymore. Knight Combat Strategy: He is much, much tougher than your standard Knights and will prove quite a challenge if you aren’t quite up to scratch with the game’s combat. The stairs lead to the next area, but before we venture there, look just to the left of the entrance to spot a short set of stairs leading upwards. Kill the two enemies near the entrance to the wall before the knight reaches you. There are a few more Hollow Soldiers and Firebomb x2 under the table, so clear out the area and then take the ladder downstairs. By the ladder, you’ll see a gap in the railing allowing you to drop down to a narrow rooftop. Head down the circular stairs to the section of wall the archer was overlooking. After clearing this area, go upstairs and you will find Binoculars near a body. Two Lothric Knights alternate walking near the edifice on the left, while others patrol the stairs down on the right. Note: you can try to wake the Mimic up with an attack and then run up the ladder (screen).It will not follow you and you will be able to throw Firebombs. He’s carrying a Lantern and if he spots you he’ll let out a screech, alerting nearby enemies to your presence. Take the stairs down on the left, into the building and down the elevator. This is kind of like running the gauntlet. Return down the stairs and into the tower. Once dealing with him, return around the corner and kill the Crossbowman and another Swordsman who’ll hop over the railing as you approach. High Wall of Lothric . One will come fro them side and one from the other end of the wall. The door is locked for the moment, but remember its location as you head back up the tower and out onto the ramparts. He’ll use it to deal a ton of damage in wide arcs and slamming it on the ground - and damage from it will cause frost to build up, and frostbite is something you’ll want to avoid, as it lowers your damage absorption and slows stamina regeneration. There is another Pus of Man in the praying group ahead, so rather than go down in fight it you should pull out your bow and deal with it from a distance. To the left is the main path that leads to a battle with a dragon. Roll past their attacks and get behind them to start a combo, but be prepared to roll out of attack range at any moment when they go to attack. After killing them, check behind the left side of the doorway you came in through to find a corpse with 3 Green Blossom. There is one final Hound at the base of the stairs guarding the Cell Key. If you follow the path you’ll find a locked cell with an NPC behind it, but at this point you’ll be unable to unlock the door. As long as you keep staying behind him and dodge his forward attacks, you can stick to him like glue and take him down. When you arrive, make your way to the lower level. As you descend the ladder, note the body below with the orange glow – he’s a Swordsman who’ll spring to life when we hit the ground. Deal with him before looting the object here for Mail Breaker (Dagger).

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