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by on oktober 24, 2020

I suppose the other potential downside is that you’ve got to like spicy food or you’re in trouble. Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 1 de la série Beecham House: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes Part of the joy of this job is its variety and I’d like to maintain that. “I like variety to be honest,” he explains. If you were a book, what kind of book would you be and why? It was on an epic scale. For Beecham House I was galloping through the Indian dessert while for Clique I was dancing to Tiësto in Edinburgh night clubs. So we hand them a pen, a piece of paper, a few questions, and ask them to get creative. After graduating from Oxford University, Suter took on the role of Mercutio in a production of Romeo and Juliet that toured Japan. So much comes down to luck and coincidence. When celebrities hang out with Bustle editors, we want to give them the chance to leave their mark. It’s daunting but once you get on board it’s fantastic. I was on her radar and she was on mine. So there’s a deep anger and resentment inside him. On a more day to day basis, I usually make a playlist or have a particular song that can help me tap into the character. He has a wandering eye and is immediately drawn to Shriya Pilgaonkar’s character, Chanchal. We’d play cards in the evening, have a drink, and that’s continued now that we’re back in England. On a personal level for someone like Daniel, it was a pretty desperate time. When I first touched down, Gurinder told me to just ‘go with the flow’. TELEVISION DESK. I’m quite good at relaxing and being very unproductive in my free time. But in general, I think most actors would agree - we want to play great characters in great scripts. "He's a soldier in the East India company but he's been pulled out of front line service as he recovers from a wound. Aside from acting, what do you normally enjoy doing in your free time? It turns out that horses are scared of elephants. But she was the only one and I have so enjoyed meeting and working with this lovely group of actors. See Leo Suter as Daniel Beecham in the new British drama, Beecham House on ITV. I think there’s an element of escapism, there’s historical intrigue – what was the world like 200 years ago? Beecham House | Interview with Leo Suter – Daniel Beecham. What happens with his love life once he moves into Beecham House? This summer he's back on our screens in another big period drama set in an incredibly exciting location; ITV's Beecham House. It’s important to be able to go with the flow — because you never know which connections will take you where…”, Want more young British acting talent? There’s an added layer of work that you need to do, and I like to work. “I’ve heard it described as ‘Downton goes to Delhi’,” smiles Suter. I suppose in that respect we might be a little similar. But, for all the characters he has embodied, the actor believes every one of his performances relies on truth. Telephone 01274 449346 “Something I can be proud of,” he reasons. Suter recently took a lead role in BBC Three drama Clique, guest-starred on American cyber-themed TV show Intelligence and has tackled playwrights from Shakespeare to Butterworth in several prominent stage roles. So when you’ve got five elephants and 500 extras, and a horse, that’s quite scary. If you had the chance to help any specific charity / organization, which one would it be? I’d actually met Gurinder before five years previously for a film that never actually got made. Become a Gentleman’s Journal member. The thriller series is set in a notification in the mid-nineteenth century, and it follows the history of a man John Beecham who has gotten a radiant home to start another life for his family and work all together. What can you tell us about your character, Daniel Beecham from Beecham House? Celebrity authors and panellists announced for Between … 21st June 2019. There have been lifelong friendships formed. I’d played in comedies on stage before, but filming a comedy is a fresh and different experience compared to the dramas I am usually involved with. CELEBRITIES, ACTORS, FASHION, NEXT CHAPTERS, TV SHOW, A BOOK OF TOM YORK, POLDARK, BRITISH ACTOR, BBC, CELEBRITIES, ACTORS, NEXT CHAPTERS, MOVIES, A BOOK OF HARLEY QUINN SMITH, HARLEY QUINN SMITH, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, KEVIN SMITH, THE TENTH BAND, COURTNEY LOVE, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, CHANCE PERDOMO [THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA]. This was my first time playing a lead and I landed the role straight after university. He’s John’s younger brother and behaves badly compared to John! Set in the 19th century, Leo starred in an ensemble cast that also included Tom Bateman, Marc Warren and Dakota Blue Richards. Not to mention the fact that somehow, unfathomably, he’s even managed to make a cummerbund look cool. “I had some brilliant teachers at school who really encouraged me to get involved in drama," he tells Bustle. Last year he was seen as series regular Sir Edward Drummond in VICTORIA (ITV/Masterpiece PBS) alongside Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes and Rufus Sewell and won a Radio Times Reader's Breakout Talent Award 2018. “But I wouldn’t say I have a game plan per se. Leo Suter: “To experience diversity at a young age is really useful”, Here’s why Edward Bluemel likes being intimidated….

Rain Jack Harlow, Sinatra 1957, Penny Marshall Daughter, Baekhyun English Lyrics, 2021 Nfl Salary Cap Space, Louise Fletcher Jack Nicholson Relationship, Rent A Car For Moving Amsterdam, Everlane Scandal, Why Poppies For Veterans Day,

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