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Commodus’ paranoia turned to cruelty, as could be seen, for instance, when he tried to kill the woman he loved (his mistress)—more than once. However, he used his displays at the games to demonstrate his power. At first, they poisoned him, but Commodus managed to vomit up the poison.

Despite this, Commodus seemed to have been a lazy student and would be an even lazier emperor. He had his likeness displayed across the empire wearing a lion skin after one of the labors of Hercules who slew the Nemean lion. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Marcus was constantly on campaign and after a bitter struggle by 177 AD he was close to victory.

The Roman Imperial system was one that was based on the Emperor cooperating with the Senatorial elite. Christianity and the Rise of the Hospital in the Ancient World, Carnuntum: Where Marcus Aurelius Wrote The Meditations. Commodus was the only legitimate male child of the Emperor that survived into adulthood.

Sole reign (180–192) Edit The reign of Marcus Aurelius had been marked by almost continuous warfare, even though he preferred books to war. 's' : ''}}.
He knew that he would be an Emperor from childhood. In 192—not long after he renamed Rome as Commodiana—he was assassinated, … All Rights Reserved.

Emperor Commodus: Was He Really So Terrible? Commodus became sole ruler of the Roman World. He ignored the leading citizens and the Senate.

Cassius Dio also wrote, ''He was a greater curse to the Romans than any pestilence or any crime.''

The Emperor was forced to fight German tribes in the so-called Marcomannic Wars.

Emperor Commodus was the only surviving son of the philosopher-emperor, Marcus Aurelius. the son of the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He also renamed the legions the ''commodianae,'' and the fleet bringing grain from North Africa the ''Alexandria Commodiana Togata,'' to show the Romans that he was the center of their world. When he became unpopular, he did the same thing to Cleander and his family. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars: 3.0 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: Price: $760.00 $ 760. He had the best tutors and his personal physician was Galen. Our apologies, you must be logged in to post a comment. Who was Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius? 00: $652.00 $ 652. Although it failed, it left him paranoid that it could happen again. In the final year of his reign, 192 A.D., the Senate was forced to declare him a god and proclaim him ''Conqueror of the World.'' Known to history only from coinage, his rebellion had ended by 191, when Vologases V became wikipedia, In the early 190s Commodus, by now openly megalomaniacal and calling himself “Pacifier of the Whole Earth” and “the Roman Hercules”, ordered Rome to be renamed as Colonia Commodiana and the legions Commodian. Commodus was born in 161 AD near Rome, the son of Marcus Aurelius, the wise ruling emperor. - History, Biography & Facts, Emperor Hadrian of Rome: Facts, Biography & Accomplishments, The Roman Emperor Claudius: Facts & Achievements, The Five Good Emperors of Rome & the Nervan-Antonine Dynasty, Division of the Roman Empire: Diocletian & the 3rd Century Crisis. Marcus Aurelius is widely seen as one of the greatest of all Emperors’ and was also a renowned Stoic philosopher. After his reign of terror, the Emperors became the absolute rulers of the Roman World, following his example. VIDEO: Location of Marcus Aurelius' Mediations, Tarquin, Last King of Rome and Bloody Tyrant. Infiltrating Rome, Maternus attempted to assassinate Commodus at the spring festival of Cybele, but was betrayed, seized, and wikipedia, In c.190 Osroes II emerged in Ecbatana, Media, as a rival to Parthian shah Vologases IV. courses that prepare you to earn Sestertius celebrating the birth of Commodus and his twin brother in 161, Tags: Aurelius, Commodus, Emperor Commodus, gladiator, Marcus Aurelius, Roman empire. A significant point regarding the reign of Commodus – at least from a power perspective – is that he basically declared war on the senate.

With BFF-murderer Cleander running the country, Commodus’s already rickety reign started to really crumble.

Commodus was a bloody tyrant and his reign was also a disaster and contributed to the decline of the greatest Classical Empire. In c.190 Commodus, by now identifying himself with Hercules and actively taking part in gladiatorial games, ritually refounded Rome as Commodiana and likewise renamed the legions, months, and other aspects of Roman life in his honor. He had his male cousins put to death and exiled his sister, Lucilla, his niece, and his wife, whom he accused of adultery around the same time, to the island of Capri. He also decided to rename the months of the year after titles he chose for himself such as ''Pius,'' (the Dutiful), ''Invictus,'' (Undefeated), and ''Felix'' (the Fortunate). flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? Commodus ended the Second Marcomannic War in 180 and, apart from facing a Caledonian invasion of Britain a few years later, his reign was relatively peaceful. Many believe that this was the right strategic decision. Marcus Aurelius died in 180 AD and he was mourned by his entire Empire.

In 177 AD, Commodus was made co-ruler of the Roman Empire with his father. Comment by dean on March 13, 2020 at 7:06 pm. In 192—not long after he renamed Rome as Commodiana—he was assassinated, bringing the Nerva–Antonine dynasty to an end. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}}

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