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by on oktober 24, 2020

Please make sure you create your Bluebirds Club Account and link your Season Ticket to be able to choose your options. Select this option to put your money towards helping the most vulnerable young people in our community get their lives back on track after lockdown. This week, we will begin contacting Season Ticket holders about the Phase 2 process.

You can find user guides helping you to create and manage your Bluebirds Club Account here. A number of … “However, if any of our members are unhappy at the options outlined by the club, we will put grievances directly to the club’s chief executive officer on their behalf. The refund / redistribution of funds process will require each supporter to log into their Palace Account and select the option they wish. Supporters can now decide how they want to complete their 2019/20 season ticket accounts with three options.Note: To take advantage of the following options, all supporters will need to log in to or create their Bluebirds Club Account. Options for 2019/20 ST Holders & Corporate ST Holders, Option 2: Ticket Office credit for 2020/21. This will be done in two phases, as listed below. Would a “loss of status” apply for the rest of this season or next season when, for instance, there are usually early bird discounts on season tickets. Whilst we are continuing to move forward with the project there are always more educational and physical facilities we can add and new players we can recruit to help fulfil our goal of being the leading academy in the UK. Chairman Steve Parish said: “We appreciate that every supporter’s circumstances will be different. I’m having issues with streaming content. These firms are required by the industry's self-regulatory body, the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR), to refund the ticket's face value price when an event is cancelled. Trust chair Keith Morgan. Click here to head to the ticketing page. Cardiff City. A high percentage of Bluebirds have elected options 1 and 2. Phase 1: Match ticket holders only (for home and away matches). “In addition, we will be seeking clarification from the club about what the loss of season ticket status and its benefits means for those fans who seek a cash refund. The value of your refund will be donated directly to the Cardiff City Academy. Refunds will be processed within 28 days. As it is now clear that remaining games in the 2019/20 season will be played behind closed doors, all ticket holders are entitled to a full refund. How do I create a Bluebirds Club Account? Supporters choosing this option will be sent a limited edition enamel pin badge, to thank them for their gesture. What do I do? Please note that you need to create your Bluebirds Club Account with the email address that’s linked to your Season Ticket or Matchday Tickets. Recommended desktop browsers for watching live video are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Options for 2019/20 Match Ticket & Matchday Hospitality purchasers (These options also apply to Preston North End (A) Match Ticket purchasers.). Tickets purchased outside of the website or mobile app will be subject to a £10 admin fee, so travellers should make sure their refund exceeds £10 in order to make the refund worthwhile. Live video will not work through mobile browsers.

Awaiting announcement. Make sure to choose your option here before 5pm (Tuesday 30th June 2020). Who do I contact? Option 1 (the Academy donation) will automatically be chosen for you. Alternatively, please email - note that live chat is recommended for the quickest response on a matchday. If you’re having difficulty creating your account, please see questions 2 and 3 above. I have created a Bluebirds account. What if I don’t make my choice by 30th June? When will I receive it? Season ticket and match ticket refund update for 19/20 season.
We can promise you any money offered in this way will be specifically targeted there and will not go to waste. My details have changed.

For any technical issues regarding streaming, please email

If you are having any issues with the refund process, please read the following FAQs.

Members should email if they have an issue they would like us to raise. The value of your pro-rata refund will be donated directly to the Cardiff City Academy.

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