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VERE We'll take no quarter. MAIN-DECK CHORUS Ay, ay, sir! Here is the spot, men! Doesn't seem fair -   (immediately) No-one liked Claggart. (The Boy goes out. Well, my friends, here we are -   The Officers arrive on the   It shall hang from the yard-arm,   For all he's catch on the eye. (Enter Bosun) (Off, answering from the distant boat) (The curtain falls) Report all canvas set. I was taken from my home, and you pressed too -   But you were pressed too,   and soon to be captain of the mizzen! These long weeks! The Nore! Master-at-Arms, I cannot agree. Lying at anchor, What did tell you? It's no fair. Don't wake the others. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. Ay, he's down on you! FIRST MATE on the table and goes out) (Whistles shrill nearer and the deck begins to fill with Your name? FIRST LIEUTENANT I protest. Be so good as to leave me! Libretto List | See our. Be off! There's no harm in the boy. Mutiny, that's what they were for,   Nothing but my duty could bring me here   And the mist is gone! worth have these days. Would that I had never seen you! Blow her away. CHORUS (To the sailor) BILLY DONALD Scene One BOY   CLAGGART (Squeaks pulls the Novice out. We're off Savannah, SAILING MASTER O heave! RATCLIFFE who threaten us with slavery. CHORUS   Fall in! and the stars seeming all to sway. BOSUN The boy whom you would destroy, he is good;   Is William Budd. ALL VOICES Why did he do it? (Off) FIRST LIEUTENANT We're all broken! in it, some defect, some imperfection in the divine   Claggart, he's dead -   O heave away, heave! We want to question you -   (to Billy) Find all the books, read about the author, and more. FIRST LIEUTENANT Help our fight! BILLY nearing Finisterre - approaching enemy waters. homeward bound to Bristol. He calls me that sweet pleasant fellow. MIDSHIPMEN CLAGGART VERE What's that? Careful. DANSKER Careful, Baby Budd! A whole gang. Master-at-Arms upon the "Indomitable",   Into the harbour their troubles and ours are the same. Grab the breechings! VERE   BILLY VERE FIRST LIEUTENANT (all voices) RED WHISKERS Looking down on the deck, looking down on the waves. CLAGGART Silence! Do they think I'm deaf? He's upset! you'd be safe with me. The floating republic! For what reason? FIRST AND SECOND MATE How can I save him? "Handsomely done" was all he said and he smiled. CLAGGART Some of the men holystoning lift their heads   DANSKER BILLY BILLY Captain Vere, save me! (main-deck) (The Captain's cabin. FIRST LIEUTENANT These damned mounseers! In the summer of seventy-hundred ninety- QUARTER-DECK CHORUS I see all the mists concealed. Sailing Master on the quarter-deck) RED WHISKERS Don't spoil the sport. SAILING MASTER There's no end to it, and may God forgive me. Bless you, Starry Vere! What, then, is our verdict? I have heard you speak;   ... a... a... a... a... a... holystones. Pull, my sparrow-legs! (The door opens. CLAGGART You'll do best for us and we'll do our best for you. and I must ask your patience. Boy!  Scene Two Working aloft with my mates. Squeak has failed. (Exit Bosun) I'll give no offence, I'll get no punishment. Why for me? Give me the money. VERE MAINTOP   Ay, they twinkle pretty. I shouldn't speak so quick,   It's a lie. Something went wrong. It's wearisome! A dippetty motion, Nay, I'm sleep again -   Claggart descends to the main-deck, looks for a   He's dead. DANSKER Billy floored him. MIDSHIPMEN Dreaming, drowsing... POWDER MONKEYS A beauty. Need of him with that chap   By God, the French! Billy went to his bag. Pull, my sparrow-legs! and didn't rightly wake until   FIRST LIEUTENANT, SAILING MASTER, (The Sailing Master comes along the quarter-deck) (asleep) (to Vere) (main-deck) to the King, sailed many seas. Heaven is merciful - let us be merciful. CHORUS   Billy Budd late of the Rights o' Man, Oh be careful, Billy! Oh, the honour! Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Duty compels me. off this ship where fortune has led you. And good old Dansker! at one bell in the morning watch. round and joins in the chorus of the new shanty) Very good, sir. Oh, Anna Susannah! Bristol, and I wish I'd never left it. SAILING MASTER VERE That's all. Claggart, John Claggart, beware! Hist! Master-at-Arms, we have three recruits. She's only a bird in the sky. Not many days after the last incident narrated, something befell Billy Budd that more gravelled him than aught that had previously occurred. FIRST LIEUTENANT You could trust your boat to me. Mr. Redburn presides. (Captain Vere walks through a file   SAILING MASTER Now for deeds! Who was blessed me? More reason we should watch them. Your police have deceived you. dirks. What do I see? I had to read this book for a college English requirement and was pleasantly surprised how much I truly enjoyed reading it! Come along, Dansker, join the fun! RATCLIFFE We're through with waiting. Based on a close analysis of the manuscript, thoroughly annotated, and packaged with a history of the text and perspectives for its criticism, this edition will remain the definitive version of a profoundly suggestive story. Make way for the powder-monkeys! Vere resumes his reading. How their bright wonder and pretty twinkling End of Act Three, Home | CHORUS Please try again. Still, he did his duty. I'll look after you! Toplights down there! Billy Budd! enslaved their neighbours and killed their King. First Lieutenant and the Sailing Master) NOVICE (Red Whiskers is pushed forward) SQUEAK The two Red Whiskers! Don't like the French. You, you are faking your pull! FIRST LIEUTENANT FIRST MATE Get' em off, you idle brutes! Sleep with your eyes open. We're for the King! Billy, listen! you will be admitted and confront him. I'll teach you! compromise him. (The curtains fail) (Dansker turns up the lantern in the gun-bay and sits) Billy Budd, king of the birds! Whiskers! matches across their brims. VERE (with chorus) A cutter has gone to board a passing   BILLY DANSKER I'd die for you - so would they all. Whistles shrill loudly) in that depravity to which I was born. RED WHISKERS VERE to him and tempt him. with the First Lieutenant and other Officers. Bring us victory, now, victory! quarter-deck. Look out! "The Rights o' Man indeed"!. SAILING MASTER up against the storm. Beauty, handsomeness, goodness coming to trial. Indomitable! Look where you go! SAILING MASTER O heave! Found in a basket tied to a good man's door,   God'o mercy! Wait for orders, deck! Back to our waiting! But the offender took it badly. QUARTER-DECK CHORUS The angel of God has struck and the angel must hang -   Billy's a-stammer! could bring me back at such a time as this. (the Novice come slowly down   Send for the Master-at-Arms! CHORUS FIRST LIEUTENANT captain of the mizzen top. Keep clear of the Master-at-Arms. Give orders to dismiss. (The main-deck and quarter-deck some days later. Learn more about the program. Jemmy Legs and all. William Budd here has killed   Forepeak,   O heave! Bend to it, damn you! VERE, FIRST LIEUTENANT, RATCLIFFE through me. Ahoy there, deck! few men are at work. Shall I fetch you another plug? (The mist begins to lift; the scene brightens) Our chase is foolish, gentlemen. Why? Fall in there! You're playing with fire, Squeak, with fire... Eyes on the deck! FIRST LIEUTENANT Look out! Looking down on the deck,   old Rights o' Man. Duty compels me. VERE, FIRST LIEUTENANT, RATCLIFFE VERE   Grand! Orders to rejoin the fleet! groups of excited seamen) Monkeys! and I trust him. We'll put out the fires! Speak quietly! Don't you answer an officer back. (Claggart turns away. I've seen iniquity overthrown. CLAGGART corrupting messmates: yes -   BILLY Mr. Redburn, fire! MAINTOP   Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. (briskly) the infamous spirit of France...   I don't like the look of the mist, Mr. Redburn. Having seen you, what choice remains to me? Stored away in a tin box and unpublished until 1924, "Billy Budd" has since been released in a number of forms. for those who break the laws of earth. Thank you! FIRST LIEUTENANT (the deck is cleared of Sailors) Now we'll see action. CLAGGART We're through will waiting. in the charge of the First Mate) SQUEAK SAILING MASTER That's got'em! We've no choice. the men singing between decks) goes forward to help him) Haven't any. Yer stinking little vermin. Bacca, Baby Budd, plug o'bacca. All guns ready, sir! It's a friend. Never gave it a thought. (The shanty slowly dies out) Farewell to you for ever. their infamous creed of "The Rights of Man". SAILING MASTER The mist are vanishing - and you shall fail! Dansker comes   This damned fog! I wish to speak with him. (main-deck) I protest! SAILING MASTER The whole ship's wanting it to start. Wind, wind, fill our sails! BILLY FIRST LIEUTENANT Vere sees   Yes. SQUEAK Belay hoisting, deck! Blow her away. Board'em in the smoke! saved me? Gunners! SAILING MASTER Hi! I have tried to guide other rightly, but I have   BILLY Here! the men, the Novice, accidentally collides with Bosun) Staysails and jibs! FIRST LIEUTENANT BILLY   (He goes towards the door of Billy's stateroom) (speaking) She'll cut up her Billy for pie, (off) (with chorus) With regret do I return to vex your honour. And striven in all ways to deserve your trust. I accuse you of aiding our enemies and spreading   if you want to dodge punishment. RATCLIFFE SAILING MASTER Come here! Squeak! What d'you say, Master-at-Arms? A SAILOR RATCLIFFE Call him to trial! JONES If love still lives and grows strong where I cannot enter, O heave! Sheet'em home. You heard what he called out. Some scatter sand on deck   (Billy joins his mates. We've lost her for good. Ah! The Master-at-Arms...   Blow her to Hilo, Riley. (he smiles) The prisoner must be tried at once. Billy Budd is a novella by Melville, who is most famous for his novel Moby Dick that was written some forty years earlier.

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