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I understand the leaseholders will have a huge section 20 repairs liability . I was engaged by your enthusiasm for the building. Erno Goldfinger getting down with the youth! Today, Goldfinger’s Willow Road dwelling is owned by the National Trust and is open to the public. Also of course, there was the fact that the pair were both domineering control-freaks who would let nothing stand in the way of their visionary work! It was intended to be a good example of social accommodation alongside modern design.

By the same token, I’m in the Fleming camp: this building and others of its ilk are IMHO crimes against humanity. Erno Goldfinger was a staunch supporter of the tower-block craze and his first design in the emerging style was 1963’s Balfron Tower which still stands in the east end, overlooking the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach. On sitting down to write this piece on Balfron Tower, I realised that I was drinking coffee from a mug featuring an image of its sister, Trellick Tower.

It’s safe to assume that this individual was quick to receive his P45!

In later years, extensive modernisation was carried out within the building’s interior, making it smart, clean and worthy of habitation. The BBC’s ‘Kensal Town’ transmitter… continuing the Trellick’s tradition of broadcasting to the masses! An early video from the 90s Brit pop group, The Knowledge of London: Training to be a London Cabbie, The Archive: Links to all previous articles, Candid Capital: The Trellick Tower | View from the Mirror, Follow View from the Mirror on, Candid Capital: From the Suburbs to The City, Keith Flint: A Tribute to The Firestarter, Introducing the View From the Mirror Archive- a new contents page, From London to Lockerbie: The 30th Anniversary of Pan Am 103, The 30th Anniversary of the Clapham Rail Disaster.
I personally adore the Trellick tower, especially the view at night when hurtling past on the Westway; one of London’s greatest sights. Learn how your comment data is processed. ArchDaily 2008-2020. Overall, the building contains 217 dwellings and was originally owned by the GLC with the flats rented as council flats. Unfortunately there was no happy ending for Derwent Tower. I also have relatives who live in Glenkerry House; it’s a wonderful residence and lovingly cared for by the residents. High rise living may not be for everyone, but there are many who make it work. Equipped with this knowledge, Goldfinger went onto design the taller and more famous Trellick Tower in West London. Thank you! Good response to polemical comment. This method of design offered up some of the largest flats by conventional tower block standards at the time. I’d seen tower blocks in Manchester and Newcastle, but this was like something else, it dwarfed everything around it.
The tower stands on the Cheltenham Estate which borders the Grand Union Canal. The change occurred gradually, the main impetus being the introduction of ‘right to buy’ and the formation of a resident’s association in 1984. Another song from the Britpop era, this video is a fantastic showcase for the Trellick’s architecture- even the tower’s boxy, metal lifts are employed on the shoot… very cool indeed! Designed by Erno Goldfinger and built in 1967, Balfron gained Grade II listing in 1996. Once inside the flat, an internal stairway directs occupants up or down into the next volume of the flat. The view can be seen above. Incorporated into the design are two volumes of different but interconnected function. At first, these sprawling estates were embraced by many- in their early, unspoilt state, the high-rises were considered clean and modern; ‘streets in the sky’ with their apartments boasting ample space, impressive kitchens and indoor toilets- a truly rare luxury for many working class Londoners. Erno Goldfinger’s Trellick Tower was commissioned by the Greater London Council in 1966 and was one of the last of the towering monoliths to be given the go ahead. Because of its unique and strangely appealing aesthetics, the Trellick Tower has appeared in many films, TV series and music videos. It was the last major project he worked on, and featured various space-saving designs, along with a separate access tower containi… In the series, Tucker’s friend, Tommy Watson lives in the Trellick Tower as can be seen in the following clip (which also gives an idea of the impressive views over the city afforded by the Trellick’s sky-high corridors). Laura Chan writes about architecture and has written for Building Futures; Building; Dezeen, London Design Festival Blog; The Urban Design and Planning Journal and Address Magazine. ( Log Out /  Its completion in 1972 marked the end of an era of high-rise tower blocks, which were losing popularity due to the social problems that were being encountered with tower blocks in general across London. Why don’t you go online and find out about the residents who live in these ‘gas chambers’?

In recent years, many of these tributes to alienation and botched planning have been thankfully demolished. But once inside, the building takes over the dance. Remember, in September’s ‘Open House Day’ it is possible to visit the Trellick Tower (although you do have to be very lucky to get a ticket!)

A while ago, I was flagged down one evening by a young couple on their way to a swanky party at the Trellick… and they admitted that they were just as interested in seeing the architecture of their friend’s flat as they were about the drink and socialising! The real villains of the peace are the councillors, shady contractors and shoddy workmanship that resulted in hastily built blocks like Ronan Point, which sullied the reputation of architects like Goldfinger. A large cantilevered plant room at the top houses an oil fired boiler along with water storage tanks. Goldfinger was an unusual architect in many ways. However, mock tudor goes into the bin also.

Many Hampstead residents found this striking design an unwelcome intrusion… one of these local critics was Ian Fleming, creator of Britain’s most dashing superspy, Today, Goldfinger’s Willow Road dwelling is owned by the National Trust and is open to the public. Towers at the Barbican and the National Theatre (photo of National Theatre from Wikipedia). Over the course of the 1950s to the 1970s, modern architecture spawned Brutalism, an aesthetic that was adopted by Poplar in the East London borough of Tower Hamlets, with Balfron Tower and its neighbouring Robin Hood Gardens estate. The design featured a scaled down version of the ‘streets in the sky’ found in other local authority schemes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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